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In Bosnia we will visit Sarajevo, Tuzla (the head office of the International Commission on Missing Persons) and Srebrenica. During our visits we will interview several journalists, humanitarian aid workers, government officials (e.g. Dutch Embassy), the UN and other INGO’s, lawyers, survivors of the genocide, war documentation centers, relatives of victims (Mothers of Srebrenica NGO), documentary film makers, etc.


In Turkey we will mainly visit Istanbul and Gaziantep, where most of the Syrian refugees reside. During our visits we will talk to Syrian refugees, humanitarian aid workers, government officials, embassies (American, Russian, Dutch, etc.), journalists, war documentation centers, lawyers and experts. 


In Lebanon we will visit…

Lebanon - More information

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In Palestine we will visit…

The Netherlands

In The Netherlands we will visit…

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"Every century there a couple of people who think, and the rest thinks what these couple of people think" - Cemil Meric

“Every century there a couple of people who think. As for the rest: they think what these couple of people think” – Cemil Meric