Share your Genius in Fishawi Cafe

Photo Credit: Su Photography

Photo Credit: Su Photography

Why Fishawi Cafe? What is the importance of a cafe? A cafe gathers likeminded people in a natural way as if it is magnetism. Nobody asked us to be addicted to Cafe the Nile in Amsterdam during our studies (and had the most inspiring ideas shared with friends). Nobody asked Naguib Mahfouz to sit often in Fishawi Cafe in Cairo’s center next to Hussein Mosque (where he produced his Nobel-prize winning books on societal issues). It happened. This is what likeminded freeminders do: they attract to each other in an unknown divine way, and then magic starts happening…

Never doubt the power of a small group of people that change the world. It is the only thing that ever has. – Margareth Mead

Are you ready to declare your genius in our Genius Cafe? Then have a look under the tab ‘Share your Genius’! One day we hope to open Genius Cafe’s branches all around the world… But, until then, please do let us know in the form below if you can recommend an existing (Genius) Cafe to our readers, which we will publish per city/country on our website. From now on, whenever or wherever you travel, you will have the option to meet amazing likeminded freeminders worldwide!

The one who has a good friend, doesn’t need a mirror. – Rumi

Beirut, December 2015

My Genius Cafe: ‘Cafe Younes’ in Beirut, Hamra, December 2015