Join MENAC’s EU-MENA Media Projects!

September 28, 2015 • Media Network

Do you also have amazing ideas for media projects with young journalists and media makers in the EU and MENA-region? Then join the Middle East and North Africa Committee (MENAC) at European Youth Press.

A founding member of Genius Network was involved in the foundation of MENAC, and she recommends them to all of you young media makers and journalists! She was also a media trainer on war/conflict journalism for several of their projects in Sarajevo, Berlin and elsewhere.

The mission of MENAC is to work to enhance the voices of young journalists and media-makers across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, to promote intercultural dialogue and to promote the development of a better contextualisation of the respective regions.

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MENAC is part of European Youth Press (EYP). Here is a summary about them:

“We believe in a free and inclusive society that upholds human rights, where unbiased, well-informed and mindful media makers and activists, along with independent and professional media empower and inspire the engagement of well-informed citizens.

We achieve this by building and supporting a network of young media makers with 26 member organisations, gathering 60,000+ young journalists.”

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