Art of Seeing Photography Journey

September 28, 2015 • Media Network

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The program

The programs consists of four master classes, which form the core of the program, covering various topics. Sidi Peter shares his experiences and stories and then demonstrates. This is followed by opportunities for each participant to shoot pictures at various locations in the area. Afterwards the group sidi Peter reviews the results. The topics we cover:

– Digital versus film – is there a difference?
– Importance of the perfect exposures – finding the perfect equilibrium.
– Can photography be learnt? Or is it a gift?
– ‘Tuning into the Moment’. Understanding Henry Cartier-Bressons famous quote.
– The principles of Architectural Photography.
– Light and Shadow – is this out of fashion?
– Portrait Photography – Meetings with Mountains.
– Understanding Colour – in the deepest sense. What the Masters say.
– The etiquette of photography. Paparazzi, reportage or the silent observer.
– Photographing what cannot be seen.

We will visit different places in the world, including Turkey, Malaysia, Morocco and Bosnia.

This program is made to serve both as a teaching forum focusing on quality and as a social forum where we may benefit from each other’s unique company and backgrounds.  Therefore at the end of each day, we  sit together as a group and share with each other everyone’s best pictures and the story behind it. This is a great opportunity to receive feedback from both Peter Sanders and each other.

Special time
We want every participant to spend as much time as possible in Sidi Peter’s company and feel welcomed to talk/ask about any topics one may have in mind. There will be plenty of time and opportunities for this interaction.

Questions? Read the FAQ or contact us.

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