Life School


A Program where Likeminded Freeminders gather, and have the Soulful Conversations that Matter…


Mindfulness and imagination help us become aware of our own story and other people’s stories by using the magic of empathy, because only then we connect with others in an authentic manner.

What advise would you give your younger self? What does prayer mean to you? What do you feel when success starts happening? What is your secret strength? Have you always been a spiritual person, or did you have an ‘aha-moment’ when you realised it?

These and other questions will make us focus on the real important topics of our daily lives, to live more spiritually focused and present in the moment: a state of reminiscing your ‘awake-ness’. A moment of silence, processing time, a self reflection, and an escape from our busy lives and our work. People who will be interviewed are prominent leaders within their societies, such as NGO aid workers (on the Syrian issue), businesspeople, students, creative breeds, etc. What they all have in common will be the fact that they are not afraid to be misfits, the crazy ones, the outsiders. Because it is these people who pull their societies forward despite the challenges. 

Our weekly Rumi Fridays Program will give a platform for this.