Genius Vision

We want to spread the positive magnetic energy that is everywhere in the world by forming a network of Creative Geniuses, where we deconstruct the word ‘Genius’ and build a new meaning to it, liberally. We share the truth by thinking in terms of ‘expanded possibilities’. We share the true and pure naked human essence by using media as a platform and leadership as a tool, while giving special attention to the free and humble soul. We connect different parts of the world to each other with international projects. Join our Network if you also dare to freely Declare Your Genius!

Eventually, everything comes back to these three Genius-concepts:

1. Soul

2. Media

3. Leadership

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1. SOUL - More information

Now, more than ever, there is a need for authentic and real people, who are living a life close to their true selves and who care about the well-being of their society and the globe they live in. In other words, a place where we feel safe and accepted for who we are, where our differences are seen as richnesses, and finally, where we have the possibility to live our maximum brain capacities. All in our own unique ways…

Todays reality reflects something different. After all, at educational institutions we don’t receive courses on feeding the soul with e.g. ethics and integrity (while the IQ is based on examinations, hence children grow up based on wrong principles on how to achieve their goals, or what ‘real success’ should be in life). Even motherhood doesn’t require a certificate. Later in our lives, the human qualities of the soul are not discussed during job interviews (on the contrary, ‘not being too committed’ is often seen as a strong point of neutrality, especially in e.g. diplomacy). We are living in a world where many people are working at development agencies and humanitarian aid organizations in conflict and war areas, while they can not even show empathy towards the victims. Many aid workers, documentary film makers and journalists seem to lack the essential humanity and empathic involvement that is required and necessary to do these kinds of duties in already fragile regions. Therefore, a genuine ‘genius’ is the one who puts his or her Soul into their daily activities and duties. A mother in a village, a diplomat at the UN, a high school teacher. It all starts with the ‘start-small-principle’, on micro-level. Because all these micro-levels at the end of the day make up the entire society, the entire city, the country and the world. Therefore, we always start with Soul (because the Soul is in endless search for what it has been created for, unconsciously). But for this, we need knowledge of the Soul, which will be provided during our Al Ghazali Soul Retreat Journeys, and other initiatives that feed the Soul.

2. MEDIA - More information

Secondly, the role of the media in portraying human suffering and other humanitarian issues is not to be taken lightly. Many times, this medium has been seen as a stronger instrument than e.g. politics or other power forces. A picture of a small Syrian child on the Turkish seashore says much more than any interview or political explanation on the consequences of the Syrian war. Media is the ultimate platform to document and view our ideas and our common human history. War crimes in Bosnia, Syria, Rwanda and other unfortunate countries have been documented by filmmakers, journalists and media activists. It is because of them that we know what we know. And fortunately there are a few really interested ones among them who make it worth reading or watching their work (see e.g. our Media Network section). Sometimes this information has even influenced the outcomes of post-war justice (cases of Bosnia and Rwanda) or pressuring foreign policies of countries.

However, in a time where we witness information pollution (and most news of suffering becomes ‘old news’, like the Middle East/African conflicts/wars), it seems important that we cleanse our soul and re-examine our intentions and our integrity first, before we produce media in different forms. We need committed media makers, journalists and documentary film makers who feel their responsibilities closer than their vains. Media can be an excellent platform if used wisely.

Additionally, our ‘Rumi Fridays Program‘ will be a spiritual journey for our viewers, where we weekly interview different people who carry a treasure within them that needs to be shared to raise awareness on certain topics (not only to inspire, but mostly to raise awareness for the good cause of our ‘likeminded freeminders‘).

3. LEADERSHIP - More information

“He was so fond of his freedom, that he didn’t care about other people’s approval.” (Kemal Sayar). To be able to maintain a free and humble soul, and to use media as a platform for all our ‘art’-forms, we need to declare our genius. And for this, we need a strong focus with a decisive guidance. The word we are looking for is Leadership. Because Creative Leadership starts with leading yourself first and foremost when you wake up alone in the morning with yourself, talking in your own mind. Endless conversations with ourselves. How do we take our decisions? How do we prioritize and plan our day? How do we present our ideas to others in a humble way? But here again, ethics plays an important role. “Hitler and Martin Luther King were both charismatic leaders, who could mobilize masses of people, but what is the difference between them?”, I used to ask my students at the Bosnian Leadership Academy‘s first class, after showing them a video of both leaders while they were giving a speech. The answer is “Ethics”. They had different teachers, and they had different ethics and values that guided them.

We will organize many study and research journeys to different countries, to learn what creative and ethical leadership is (see as examples our section ‘Ibn Battuta Travels’). Next to this, our main focus regarding Leadership will be on our Leadership Academies, which we continue to organize. Again here, we care for the start-small-principle. Therefore, a leader is a diplomat, but also a mother in a village who collects clothes for the poor people in the village. Micro-level is usually even more important than the people who have ‘big’ status jobs on the top of a pyramid.

Sevilla, Andalusia 2015

Photo Credit: Genius Network @ Sevilla, Andalusia 2015

Without a doubt, there are many projects that are already busy with declaring their geniuses, and living their capacity, while they care about giving back to the world. We are happy and grateful for this. Keep up the good work! We would love to include you in our network.

Here, we are not pretending to reinvent the wheel. No. We are not the first in anything we will say. No. That is not our goal nor our mission. But there is one truth: nobody can do it the way we do, because all organizations and individuals have their own style, character, focus, interpretation and taste. Three people look at the same painting and they see three different versions.

It is our aim to connect the ‘likeminded freeminders’, to pave the way to create social capital, which is most important for us: networking, reciprocity and creating trust. These three elements will cause magnetism, magic, love and flowing energy for new ideas and the implementation of these ideas in international projects. Therefore, we do not only connect, but we also have our own projects we have been doing since 2002. We don’t regard Genius Network as a new start-up, we are now only officializing our already existing (net)work. We are giving ‘it’ a name. We are calling back all our powers. Because only when you declare your genius to a broader public (as Artists of the Soul), your likeminded industry/artistry will be able to find their way to you.

We are dynamic and internationally oriented as one can be, and our organization is changing incrementally, day by day. We learn and we grow, just like this website will go through an evolutionary process. Like all organisms in life, naturally. Let grow what wants to grow, and let die what wants to die. Win and allow others to win. Abundance. And yes, most of the time, we regard less as more. We challenge the conventional methods of being a ‘Genius’, we revolutionarily change/deconstruct the word ‘Genius’, in the footsteps of Derrida’s deconstruction. “There is nothing outside the text”, as Derrida said, while focusing on the importance of words in a certain context. We care about soulfully meaningful words and contexts.

words are magic

Join us on these neverending journeys of the Soul, to start a Revolution of Rahma (Mercy), in the footsteps of our ancestors, who used to say: Sefer, not zafer, is important” (not the victory/final destination, but being on the road/journey and enjoying/learning from the process/person, is important)…

beirut February 2016

Photo Credit: Genius Network in Beirut, Lebanon in February 2016. “Reading Vacation”…