Genius Strategy

The road map towards reaching our goals:

International Projects - More information

One of our focus points is international travel projects: journalism trainings, leadership academies, soul retreats and documentary journeys. We empower young dynamic journalists, documentary filmmakers, leaders, soul seekers through high-quality training programmes and joint projects. Visits to relevant individuals and organisations – source of ideas, contacts and better understanding of the situation in the host country. Different media outputs in the form of guidelines (e.g. documentary making, journalism, spirituality/soul and leadership guidelines) will be produced in a creative manner (cartoons/videos/shorties/booklets/magazines/etc.). Genius Network itself will organize them.

Connecting/Networking Role - More information

Human beings love to feel connected, it is the innate feeling of belonging, as much as we want to feel unique in our ‘one-ness’ in this world. To serve this need, the website will be a platform where we introduce other likeminded organizations, to start new projects among each other. We will be connecting likeminded geniuses to each other in a network on an international platform by organizing international projects (e.g. a journalist in the EU can reach an Arab journalist to receive firsthand information, or Dutch aid organisations need reliable cooperation partners in Syrian refugee camps in Gaziantep or Tripoli). Genius Network bridges the gap between different parts of the world with professionalism, responsibility and commitment. The significance of Genius Network is the network composed by professionals involved in Projects with Soul, Media and Leadership at international level. To provide a platform to a genius’s tribe that loves to see each other win, while building a culture of abundance together. Genius Network plays a connecting role in this.

Documenting Role - More information

On the website there will be a Genius Library where we will archive all the interesting Media, Soul and Leadership-related organisations and projects.

Opportunity-Building Role - More information

On the website there will be a section where we present different opportunities regarding Soul-, Media- and Leadership-related projects.

Capacity/Expertise/Curriculum-Building Role - More information

Highly intensive professional courses, toolkits and guidebooks will be provided to all our international participants. A pool of regional and international trainers and experts is created in order to provide technical and capacity building assistance to member organisations, media outlets and other related organisations. We want to become a Centre of Excellence, accessible for our members. After reaching a certain level of quality, other organisations and individuals can also request our services. We are open for such inquiries.

Initiating Role - More information

We will announce possibilities for project funding and introducing vacancies in the humanitarian field (e.g. the Turkish-Syrian border with Syrian refugees or in Bosnia).

Consulting Role- More information

Where necessary, Genius Network can be consulted by organizations for their projects. Giving tools to geniuses to live their full brain capacity. Acting as a creative consultant where possible.

A negative thinker sees a difficulty in every opportunity. A positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty.

To implement our goals efficiently, and to be clear in our focus, we have divided the activities of Genius Network in 5 different ‘schools’ or ‘compartments’. Our main 3 concepts (Soul, Media and Leadership) can be found in all 5 of them:

1. Al Ghazali Soul Retreats

2. Ibn Al Haytham Documentary School

3. Rumi Fridays Program

4. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Leadership Academy

5. Ibn Khaldoun Center for Committed Journalism 

Create a movement that engages possibility & incites people to go beyond their comfort zone.

Andalusia, Granada, September 2015

Photo Credit: Genius Network in Andalusia, Granada, September 2015 (Sufi-Book: Kemal Sayar’s “The Resistance of the Heart”)