Genius Theory

Expanded Possibility Thinking (EPT)

Especially in hard times, different possibilities arise to the surface. And then our creativity is put to the test. The comfort zone is left behind. With the arrival of the unexpected, the different choices are also born. It is a period of chaos, butterfly effects, like re-shuffling your mp3-player. You name it. And it is exactly this kulucka-moment of ‘aha’ that we will analyze in our theory of Expanded Possibility Thinking, where possibility thinking stands equal to the management of ideas

Possibility thinking, in a sense, is the management of innovative ideas, which translates to maximizing the development of our latent potentialities. We need an open mind looking at every idea to see if it has potential, and an open heart sensing where our genuine commitments lie. From this perspective, possibility thinking emerges from free thinking and thinking beyond previously unquestioned assumptions. – Om Prakash

Personally, after witnessing a period in my life where I couldn’t live up to my brain capacity (constantly/daily fighting other peoples’ same imposed battles/questions/remarks/comments/media agenda’s, and not choosing my own questions/topics in life), EPT became my new ‘challenger’. It still excites my curiosity and hunger after all these years. The antithesis of thinking constantly about 1 topic (that is not even mine) and being reactionary, should most probably be: thinking in endless thoughts and options. Escapism from Alcatraz started. Pro-activity. Free(minder). And then wondering (curiosity was my oxygen bottle during tough moments of breathing): What happens to the brain in this moment of ‘aha’? How do we react and why? Why do the people around us matter so much? What influences our thinking and our actions? How can we think and respond to achieve the best possible results? How do we deal with setbacks (that are maybe throwing us in a direction that is better for us eventually)? What does my spiritual side say about these topics? Etc. etc…

All these and other questions will be discussed on our Genius Network website with contributions from our members (see our sections G-Readings, G-WisdomPodcasts, etc.), and there will also be interviews and articles about these topics. One can actually regard this part of our website as the Theoretical Backbone of our belief system. Eventually, we will publish an edited book on EPT with all the articles written by the members of our network. Genius Network is all about your efforts.

When you step into the arena of possibilities, you enter a state of curiosity and openness. It is a realm of abundance and opportunity for transformation, creativity and innovation, which is the core of possibility thinking. – Om Prakash

We believe in, and we want to further research: eternal possibilities. By transforming thinking into a creative journey. Endless expanded ideas. Different road signs to Mecca. Alone. Together. Touching a personality, a character. Then: connecting. Because we love to connect for real possibilities, while we see each other win!

Beirut, December 2015

Photo Credit: Genius Network in Beirut, December 2015