G-Network – A Self-Declaration

How it all Started and the Why behind this Story

In our 20’s, we lived in Amsterdam, a city of freedoms that gave us the ‘platform to learn how to dance, pray and fly’, with an amazing soul group of go-getters and go-givers. Since then we find platforms (networks of human and social capital) and finding your tribe to thrive and strive interesting and necessary. And we discovered at an early stage: What more than traveling can give these platforms? A True Traveler (seyyah), unlike a tourist, is someone who listens to the stories of the people in Istanbul’s narrow backstreets, smokes Nargilah with them in Cairo’s ancient Fishawi Cafe (imagining how the writer Naguib Mahfouz might have got his inspiration there), and who is able to say “Your soul and my soul are very, very old friends” (see: Poet Hafez) to a stranger in Granada, whose energy feels so familiar. Spontaneously, the world had become our stage, with dozens of international travel projects we participated in. And unconsciously, we were building the tribe we were looking for.

I love building a culture and connecting people.

We want to spread the positive magnetic energy that is everywhere in the world by forming a network of Creative Geniuses, where we deconstruct the word ‘Genius’ and build a new meaning to it, liberally. We share the truth by thinking in terms of ‘expanded possibilities’. We share the true and pure naked human essence by using media as a platform and leadership as a tool, while giving special attention to the free and humble soul. We connect different parts of the world to each other with projects. Join our Network if you also dare to freely Declare Your Genius!

Corniche Beirut, December 2015

Photo Credit: Genius Network @ Corniche Beirut, December 2015